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.QUEBEC has arrived!

July 7, 2015
The brand new .QUEBEC suffix is now ready for registration. Opening new cyber space for Quebec to acquire and build upon! Now businesses have a high-performance tool providing more visibility and search capabilities on an ever growing web.
ARC Informatique Inc has acquired Trigénie Inc an engineering firm. The fusion of its project leaders, now enables us to provide new management methods that integrate sensors which display information, allowing for better decision-making focused on business growth and improving operations. With support from the BDC it will be made into a trademark named Sabangoo ©.
After more than 20 years of management research whitin hundreds of SMEs, the President of our company, Mona Savard in collaboration with Raymond Auger, a professor emeritus of UQAC (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) will soon publish the book, "Predictive Management: A guide for SMEs, present and future, whose importance is at risk of being forgotten".
Google now has a new algorithm search which highlights mobile sites. Contact us for the best advice on mobile conversion of your website. You too can learn more about the Hydria platform.