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Webdomaine: Registering domain names since 2002

30 years

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30 000 customers

In 2002 with the acquisition of Webdomaine.ca a division of Scientific Information Network of Quebec (RISQ), becoming a certified registrar with Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) we began providing individuals and organisations secure domain name registrations, with competence and reliability.

After more than 30 years of experience in IT, we’ve witnessed a number of surprising cases of theft and loss of domain name ownership all of which could have been avoided.

Due to a lack of supervision and misconceptions, too many gray areas were allowed form among the many different internet service providers. Some pass the buck back and forth on their responsibilities, but ultimately it’s the customer who is left to search for information and suffer the consequences a poorly registered domain name.

WebDomaine.ca hopes to sheds light on the dark corners by standardizing practices and grouping together domain names to provide customers with the registration of the many thousands of domain name extensions now available in 2015. And those numbers continue to grow!

Webdomaine.ca stands out from the rest because of how we register domains and our understanding of the policies and procedures associated for every suffix that you may choose to purchase. Greater knowledge of the Internet is the process by which any one of your services can be placed within the network of networks, involving us in your online business as a reliable partner who has your success at heart.

We offer the registration of Canadian domains through the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and now we are proud to be among the 21st pioneer registrars managing the .QUEBEC.


Avoid the middle man and speak directly to a Registrar.

Dealing directly yourself with registrars can ensure:
  • better control of your digital property;
  • better technical support aware of your holdings;
  • trained agents who work for you.


Webdomaine.ca is a property of A.R.C. Informatique Inc., a certified CIRA registrar since 2002. Its primary ambition is to provide professionals and small and large businesses a secured domain name registration offering competent and reliable technical support, allowing them more time to concentrate on their business, and reap the benefits of a web presence.

Our team

A competent team answering all your questions !

One united team of individuals with diverse abilities provide a competent and respectful service, to all our clients. One human family and a large network, a team with the desire to create, produces innovative projects of excellence for all our clients.

We have experienced IT technicians; whose multidiscipline will ensure the success of your online projects.